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What Does Star Jewellery Represent?

As we move from summer to autumn and the nights begin to draw to a close earlier, we have lots more stargazing opportunities.

Since time began, our ancestors have looked at the night sky, fascinated by the moon and constellations.

We've assigned symbols to those constellations throughout history, and created fascinating legends that endured the millennia. A great example of this is that stars helped the first explorers to find their way to new lands and then come back home again. Stars have historically given humanity hope; guiding us from above throughout time.

Even today, in a world full of screens, cars, and fast-paced lives, we continue to be fascinated by the stars. When we look up at the night sky, we still remember the legends we read as children, which can offer a sense of peace and serenity. Many of us may event still make a wish when we see a shooting star. Humans and stars are inextricably linked because, as Carl Sagan famously put it, "we're made of star-stuff".

Scotland is one of the best places in the world to admire the night sky, and our collection of Celestial Wonders celebrates the beauty of the stars. But what is the symbolic meaning behind star and moon jewellery?

The Moon – A Symbol of Femininity and Eternity

The moon is one of the most ubiquitous and complex symbols in human culture. Alluring and mysterious in equal measure, the moon is universally associated with femininity and traits such as grace, delicacy, and passion. As a goddess symbol, the moon represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. If the Sun represents brightness and warmth (Yang), the moon is cold, dark, and mysterious (Yin). The moon also symbolises our subconscious, our hidden dreams and desires.

Because of the moon's cycles, moon jewellery can also symbolise the cycle of life and the cycle of the Universe. The same way the moon goes from waxing to waning, we renew ourselves, going through personal growth and development stages. For example, a crescent moon is often associated with empowerment and new beginnings. So, if a loved one is entering a new phase of their life, such as a new job or new home, a delicate piece of moon jewellery would make the perfect gift.

The Stars – A Symbol of Guidance, Magic and Hope

Throughout history, stars have inspired and fascinated artists and scientists alike. They're one of the most complex symbols out there, and every culture has associated them with a deeper meaning. Because in ancient times, sailors would use stars to get to their destination, stars are often associated with guidance. Stars are also a mystical symbol, and they're depicted in just about every form of fiction.

In more recent times, stars have been associated with fame, quality, and prestige. If you want to tell someone that they're a star, there's no better way to say it than with a masterfully crafted star ring.

The moon and stars are some of the most loved symbols, regardless of where we come from. From mystery and romance to creativity and mysticism, they hide many beautiful meanings, which is why we love celebrating them at Bonnie Wee Designs.


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