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Valentine’s Day Your Way

Cupid will soon be shooting his jaggy wee arrows at peoples bums as Valentine’s Day fast approaches. But whether you’re loved up with a partner, have mega love for yourself or fancy a crush who doesn’t yet know, we’ve got you covered.

Aye, it’s the globally renowned, universal celebration of love, but shouldn’t we love our significant others and ourselves every other 364 days of the year? Of course, we should. But, if like me, you get sucked into the vortex of lovely dovey land, then at Bonnie Wee Designs, there’s something for everyone.

Not a fan of the day? No worries. Treat yourself instead. We’re currently running 15% off everything on both our Etsy and website for Valentine’s Day.

Here are our top picks from Bonnie Wee Designs for this year’s day of lurve.

His n’ Hers Scottish Valentine’s Cards with Poem

Like to woo the one you love with some humour and wit but don’t quite have the words to get started?

These cards will do it for you. Featuring Scottish slang and daft wee poems, these are certainly something a bit different. Move over Clinton’s…

Curvy Gal Candle

Why not treat yourself to a sexy wee smelly? Aye, that doesn’t sound right…

But we have these curvy, gorgeous candles in stock in a range of different colours and scents to get your Valentine’s night off to a sexy start whether you’re single or partnered up. As always at Bonnie Wee Designs, we like to go against the grain and introduce pieces that are hard to find. That's why we chose to feature candles with curves in all the right places. Have a swatch.

Fly Me to The Moon

Our bestselling sterling silver opal crescent moon ring is adjustable so should fit most fingers.

This little beauty is a gorgeous gift, especially if you don’t know your other half’s ring size! Show them that you love them to the moon and back and snap it up while it boasts 15% off.

Click here to find out more.

A Unique Scottish Gift

Our beautiful sterling silver moonstone stag necklace is another bestseller at Bonnie Wee Designs. There is so much to love about this unique piece. One thing, in particular, is the beauty of the pendant. It’s directly attached to the chain, so the clasp doesn’t move about the neck (which is many a necklace wearers pet hate!). You won’t find anything this precious anywhere else, so you can look for yourself and find out more here.

And hey, if you decide not to bother this Valentine’s Day, we’re here all year round for any special unique Scottish gifts for you or a loved one.


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