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Unique Scottish Mermaid Jewellery

Often associated with the goddesses of love Aphrodite and Venus, mermaids embody mysterious beauty, remaining elusive and rarely spotted in deep blue oceans. The folklore history of mermaids stems back to the dawn of time. Swishy, majestic and enchanting, the mermaid comes with a rich history, and symbolically she is as changeable as the sea itself. In some cultures, the mermaid signifies life and fertility, while in others, she embodies the destructive nature of the water, serving as an omen for storms, unruly seas, and disaster.

Scottish Mermaid Folklore

In Scottish folklore, mermaids are sometimes referred to as selkies. These shape-shifting creatures are said to live as seals while in the sea and transform into humans while on land. In Gaelic stories, they are described as "maighdean-mhara" meaning "maiden of the sea." Selkies are uncertain creatures with there being stories of them tempting people into the water.

In other Scottish folklore, mermaids are referred to as a ceasg (pronounced Keesg) – a being with the upper body of a beautiful woman merging with the tail of a grilse (a young salmon). The ceasg is said to live not only in the sea but also in rivers and streams, and can grant three wishes to anyone who captures her.

It's Not Always Pretty

However, the ceasg (or Scottish mermaid) is sometimes imagined as something more monstrous. In some tales she swallows men she meets, and they remain alive in her stomach. wife pays a harp until the mermaid is charmed and the hero escapes. The Scottish folklorist Donald MacKenzie suggested that the ceasg may originally have been a sea goddess to whom human beings were sacrificed.

Magical Mermaids

But at Bonnie Wee Designs, we believe in the magic of the mermaid and are delighted to stock two very different but unique mermaid pieces. If you love the beauty of the mermaid and want to have her strong and enchanting energy with you always, check out these amazing rings…

Sterling Silver Mermaid Goddess Ring

Just wow. Want to make a huge statement? This is the ring for you. Handcrafted by an incredibly talented jeweller, this beautifully detailed ring is ideal for any mermaid lover far and wide. Stamped sterling silver 925, we are absolutely delighted to stock this incredibly rare beauty that you will not find elsewhere. As with all of our rare pieces of jewellery, this stunning piece is inspired by our coastal and rugged surroundings here in Scotland. The best thing about this ring (can it get any better?) is that it’s adjustable so will fit most fingers. This beautifully detailed piece features an oxidized finish for a dramatic, elegant look.

Sterling Silver Dainty Mermaid Tail Ring

This absolute cutey is understated while still making a statement. Featuring an iridescent moonstone that beautifully catches the light and reflects seascape colours, it's unlike any other adjustable Scottish ring. The mermaid style makes it lovely and quirky with the tail made up of cubic zirconia diamanté’s. It's amazing the way the colour can change when it catches the light. Such a pretty and special mermaid ring that’s perfect for both little fingers and adult fingers as it’s fully adjustable.

Inspired By Nature

Do you love mermaid and beach inspired jewellery? Watch this space as we’re going to be launching a coastal collection very soon. In the meantime, head to our homepage where you'll find all of our beautiful collections.


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