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Take A Deep Breath...

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

The struggle with the juggle is real (you can find out more about that here!). (Barely) keeping on top of housework, juggling my career, and looking after two rambunctious but wonderful children under three years old, gets overwhelming from time to time.

When my brain gets foggy and I feel as though I'm at the end of my tether, I know that the best thing for me is to get out into nature.

And how lucky I am to live in not only Scotland, but in particular, Helensburgh. With such beauty and opportunity on my doorstep I decide I need to escape this mad house.

I head out of my front door and along the promenade, but instead of walking on the man-made path, I step onto the beach itself and use it as an opportunity to look for bits of driftwood, sea glass and unusual stones to use for my art. I carry on along the beach breathing in that fresh sea air and exhaling any anxieties or frustration that I've been holding onto.

As I feel most peaceful among trees, I head up to a nearby forest, again breathing the fresh oxygen that these beautiful beings provide us with every single day. "I'm so lucky", I whisper to myself. I slowly meander among the giants, taking delicate note of how I am blessed to be here, am healthy, and have the wonderful friends and family that I do.

Nature for me is a healer and a great source of inspiration. Scotland and nature is often my muse when I consider which designs I want to stock or which upcycles and art I would like to creatively bring to life. Without a doubt, art and nature go hand in hand at Bonnie Wee Designs.

As I reluctantly think about heading back home from my nature-filled jaunt, I gather some leaves from the forest floor so that my son Kai and I can paint them later; something we love to do together.

Living in Helensburgh has enhanced my creativity and motivated me to introduce a coastal collection which will be coming very soon.

Before you go, if you're having a tough time or struggling with the pressures of day to day life, go out and explore, and remember, take a deep breath...


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