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Coastal Inspired Jewellery

Living in Helensburgh, and having lived in Dunoon and the Isle of Skye, we love distant tales of Scotland’s magical coastal spots. Through legends and thousand-year-old stories, Scotland has rightly so earned its title as the "Land of the Brave". Scotland has conquered the hearts of locals, travellers, and nomads through its fantastic ties to the waters and rugged coast that surrounds the magical country.

Water has always had a guiding power over Scotland, shaping its landscape, protecting it from enemies, and connecting inhabitants to the unpredictable, moon-guided tides. This is why we are so connected with Mother Nature’s greatest gift, constantly looking for ways to bring the aquatic world into our lives.

Water: Guiding Our Creative Flow

Our inspired coastal collection is born from the flow of water, its magnificent colours, the life that inhabits it, as well as the mythical creatures that have sprung from its depths. Our unique pieces are elegant and alluring, celebrating the touch of the moon upon the waters and the peacefulness of the ocean that surrounds us.

Our life in Helensburgh has been a great inspiration for this collection. There is just something about the water surrounding us and its waves, which play a song in our ears – a feeling we hope to have translated into our unique pieces.

Nature is what inspires our work, and what better way to take you on a journey through the hidden paths of Mother Nature than through its flowy waters? Be it a moonlit swim in Loch Lomond or a walk on the beaches of Gare Loch, each piece in our collection inspires its wearer to connect to the power of water and let it take you on a mythical adventure. If you happen to encounter some selkies, as the Scottish call the mermaids, on your journey, don’t let old tales scare you away.

Instead, accept their strong energy and let it guide you through realms of magic, as we allowed them to guide our creative flow through the power of water.

Let The Tides Embrace You

At Bonnie Wee Designs, we believe magic can be found in most places, and this time it was brought to life in Scotland’s coastal surroundings that stands at the core of our detailed, carefully crafted pieces of jewellery and art.

Through our innovative creations, we hope to inspire you to take a deeper look at the nature around you, regardless if you live in a busy city or a peaceful seaside town. The coast, water, in particular, has the power to engulf us, as well as the power to heal and sustain life – just as mermaids are seen as both symbols of fertility and destructiveness.

You can shop our entire coastal range here.


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